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Gibberish blog using our company name Our company librarian found this gibberish”Blog”While searching for mention of our company name online.A whois search says the registration was created today and is private. What is the purpose of someone doing this?Is it merely to collect money from google ads?How can we pursue getting this site shut down?Through godaddy or domains by proxy? Godaddy will often respond to requests like this, but they shouldn’t(Godaddy are notorious for taking down sites and overstepping their jurisdiction where they shouldn’t, so i don’t support this route whatsoever).Besides, complaining to godaddy will just take this one site down.Who’s to say they won’t launch another?Cut their adsense off though, and it’s harder. Posted by wackybrit at 9:21 AM on July 20, 2007 That page is part of a”Link farm”. Posted by http://www.lasaliera.it/ steven c.Den beste at 10:42 AM on July 20, 2007 Yeah, some people create sites with gibberish sounding domain names and then lift a bunch of content, images, titles, and sometimes even logos.They not only use this for google pageranking crap, but they do it to try get into cpm networks.Try googling a block of text from the site and see what legit sites come up. Posted by tastybrains ralph lauren outlet at 10:58 AM on July 20, 2007 Actually reading that gibberish gives a strong impression of business activity and interest, with lots of the kind of keywords and phrases one might think would attract the attention of investors and stock analysts if it made sense and were legitimate. It made me think in terms of an attempt to manipulate your company’s stock price by pumping it up or down in a ranking that depends in part on mechanical harvesting of mentions on websites(A buzz index, essentially), and which may be part of a subscription service that gives investors inside dope, or some such thing. Or it might be part of a plan of an entity which has a position in your company’s stock to enhance the value of whatever position they’ve taken. When i googled ‘nicor gas stock price’ i found this on standard and poor’s This article seems to me to be saying your company’s stock price is lower than its peers despite the fact that your numbers are better and you have a better business model and excellent prospects as well as that it is an excellent buy. In other words, from the point of view of this answer, something odd could be going on with your stock price, and this”Gibberish blog”May be part of it.

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