polo horse is participating in a ralph lauren uk sport

Is horseback riding a sport Horse owners and horseback riders spend hours on end riding.Some owners and riders think of their horseback riding as a hobby.Apparently they take for granted the physical conditioning required to ride.The more you ride the more muscle development.The act of riding is entirely different than merely being a passenger.It takes energy, it takes work.No one would question if a polo rider or polo horse is participating in a ralph lauren uk sport.Equally, thoroughbred racing is called the”Sport of kings. “Fox hunting is considered”Sporting”To those who participate.Jousting is considered a sport.Rodeo is a huge spectator sport. The united states olympic committee certainly considers horseback riding a sport.Show jumping, dressage and three day eventing at the olympics is recognized world wide as a sport.Therapeutic riding is a sport.These are brave athletes in the saddle.Sports take skill, they take conditioning.They take daring.They take determination. Sports traditionally are competitive events where there are winners and losers.In some horse events show jumping and barrel racing for instance, the horse and rider are racing against the clock plus there are points taken away for errors, nicks, fences downed, barrels knocked over, etc. In the sport of mounted target shooting, a fast horse and time is a major factor, but so is expert marksmanship.If there is anyone out there who thinks this sport doesn’t take skill, they need to take another look.The rider is guiding his horse with only his legs and seat, and at the same time, shooting http://www.victan.co.uk/ balloon targets along the way.That takes trust in the horse, and hours upon endless hours of practice. Dressage riding is all about conditioning, the rider and horse alike.What appears to be a simple maneuver might have taken weeks or months or even years to perfect.Practice, practice, practice is key to all athletes.Whether the horse and rider are competing in a show ring, on a racetrack, or cross country, there is the anticipated thrill of victory driving them on. Does it take competition and financial reward to be considered a sport?I know of long distance runners who are constantly trying to best their own time, and yet have never felt compelled to run a marathon.I know of horsemen and equestrians who have been riding and showing all of their lives, and have never made as much as a penny for their efforts or as a result of their success. Blue ribbons and trophies call to them.Where as some artists think it takes an audience to bring their work to light, spectators most always bring out the best in rider and horse.I have seen horses”Being ridden back at the barn”Whose performance was not cause for a second glance and yet that same horse will shine at a highly rated show.It’s as if the horse and rider suddenly transform.They step up to the plate, so to speak.Schooling shows become dress rehearsals.The horse and rider have trained and trained, they have practiced and practiced, and when they step into the ring in front of an audience, it shows. Horseback riding is most definitely a sport.Horse and rider are both athletes.They are participants in a sport that has been around for centuries.They are competitors, even if they are competing on behalf of themselves, a team, or under a barn name or tutelage of a trainer or instructor.They strive to better themselves as riders;They strive to better the performance of their horse.They love the sport.View profile Related contenthorseback riding clothing for ladieshorseback riding ranked third most dangerous sport in the worldhow to keep your child safe for horseback riding lessonsintroduction to endurance horseback ridinghorseback riding fun in massachusettsuse your head!Choosing a safety helmet for horseback ridingenglish vs western horseback riding.

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