Autumn in Oliver

Fruit stand 2, Oliver, South Okanagan, fall, activities, Darren RobinsonAutumn in Oliver — a beautiful time to visit and enjoy the scenery and surroundings in quiet reflection. After a busy summer in the South Okanagan, we’ve experienced a bountiful harvest and an earlier-than-ever production season for our area wineries.

An exceptionally warm summer led to grapes being ready ahead of schedule, in some cases weeks before their normal picking dates, and winemakers and their teams have been in action processing what some are calling “the vintage of the century”. Still to come? The production of late harvest wines and this winter, icewines once the temperatures are low enough. Hopefully still weeks away.

And harvest? Guests in and around our fruit and vegetable stands have had a cornucopia (of course), of produce to enjoy as the season continues. Fruit was bountiful this year, fall veggies still dot the landscape, and preserving season is in full swing as many capture the taste of sunlight to enjoy all winter.

Wineries are open, the sun continues to shine, and a warm welcome — paired with a crisp evening — awaits you. Plan your fall getaway and check out upcoming events in Oliver, BC.