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Friends Of The Oliver Library
The Friends Of The Oliver Library (FOTOL) is an independent, non-profit organization whose purpose includes focusing public attention on our local Library and its needs. We also raise funds to supplement and/or enhance available funding to make our Library a place of great pride in our community. Meet some great people while promoting the use of the library’s resources and services, fundraising to provide extra dollars for value-added programs, services, and materials and encouraging gifts to the Oliver Library. Be sure to check out our BIG Annual Summer Book Sale in July!
Okanagan Gleaners
The OK Gleaners produce mainly dried soup mix from donated surplus vegetables to feed the hungry of the world. Individuals and families are invited to drop-in and help any morning, Monday through Saturday, from 8:30am-Noon. Working at Gleaners is a great experience for families with children, 8 years and older. Okanagan Gleaners is 100% donor and volunteer driven. Our work continues year-round, depending on the availability of fresh or frozen vegetables and fruit. May to November is our peak period when the harvests are overflowing in the Okanagan Valley.
Oliver Community Arts Council
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Fabric arts, fine arts, plastic arts, and performance arts: Oliver has them all! The Oliver Community Arts Council (OCAC) has been a hub of artistic activity in Oliver, British Columbia since 1970. The OCAC is a non-profit society and registered its charitable status in September 2006. It is an umbrella group currently representing eighteen member groups, fifteen businesses and about 80 individual and family members, including both art-related and arts-supporting members.
Oliver Community Garden Society
Oliver Heirloom Garden Club
Oliver Elks
Oliver Food Bank
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