• Spring

It’s bird and blossom season.

Break out the binoculars. Spring is a season of sights in Oliver, with birdsong as the soundtrack.

More than 28,000 species of birds await the avid or amateur ornithologist. Whether you’ve got binoculars, a telephoto camera or a smartphone in your pocket, you’ll be reaching for it to capture an image of our feathered friends, perhaps even a “who’s who” of the local owl population if you’re lucky.

As you’re looking up, take a moment to breath in the blossoms. A sign of the cultivation to come, Oliver’s area orchards and vineyards become a colour palate worthy of a masterful painting, as trees and vines signal their readiness for the warm sun.

Speaking of art, the Spring Arts Faire is a must for those hunting for a treasure to take home.

Take out a special pair of shoes, your choice:  hiking boots or golf shoes? It’s time to get into the swing of spring. Our trails beckon for exploration, after all, that’s where the birds congregate and nature tempts you to take a moment, and take it all in.

Looking to master your swing, or merely putt around a green? Golf is definitely in season, with several courses to suit any level from beginner to “I could have been on the pro circuit.”