• Summer

Take a swing, bike, or hike.

There’s a reason why one of our wine trails is called the Golden Mile. Summer is a season of sunshine.

This is triathlon country. Choose from a number held in the Oliver area if you swim, bike and run, or volunteer and simply wear out those arm muscles as you cheer on competitors from around the world. Give your legs a workout with a bike ride; a short one on a trail, or a long one up a mountain.

Too strenuous? How about lifting a glass? Two dozen wineries will help you hydrate during these hot, dry weeks. Take a break on a winery patio with some local charcuterie or a gourmet dinner as the sun sets. Don’t forget to snap a photo of the view.

Do you take a lot of food photos? We all do these days…but this time, cultivate your burgeoning chef skills with snapshots of a cooking class, and get ready to impress your friends.

Take a sunscreen break at a museum or art gallery and learn about Oliver’s colourful history. Finish the day with Music in the Park, with your toes embracing the cool grass and your ears enjoying some cool tunes, or grab a partner and dance the night away as the stars come out.