• Winter

Listen to the snow fall.

A hush descends upon Oliver…but it merely covers layers of activity beneath it. Suddenly, the silence is broken by the sounds of a concert or play floating down the street, or the unmistakable swoosh of air over your cheeks as you glide across the landscape.

Grab a thermos full of java from a local coffee shop, your favourite tackle, and wait for the big one to come along. Wave a friendly hello to your fellow ice-fishers on Vaseux Lake. Take your skates and stick out for a game on natural ice.

Warm up after a day outside with dinner and a show. The South Okanagan Concert Series, the Oliver Movie Theatre and troupes of actors walking the planks of a stage make for a perfect entertaining end to a crisp, clear winter day.

Grab a glass and sit by the fire. Cultivate a winter moment.