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Paint the town.

Around here, it’s easy to see how artists find inspiration: sunshine streams through the canopy of leaves, filtering its way to a cluster of fruit and transforming each tiny grape into a glowing orb. See? We live here, and even we are affected.

Take one part setting sun, add two parts live music, a dash of evening air, and stir for hours. Outdoor concerts can make a summertime getaway extra special, whether it’s grooving to jazz in the park or catching the first glimpse of a Juno-quality band at a local winery. It’s the perfect backdrop for an outdoor music gig – from dancing on the lawn with your best friend, to kicking up your heels at a bluegrass festival.

Stimulate all of your senses – including a feast for your eyes. The technicolour beauty of farmer’s orchards and the desert sky inspires painters, sculptors, and other artists to put their best brush (or yarn spinner) forward. In fact, the entire community gets involved – locally raised sheep donate wool for hand-dyed yarns, and landscapes pose daily for en-plein-air painters.

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