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Take a hike.

Whether it’s ascending McIntyre Bluff, trekking the backcountry to Ripley and Madden Lakes, or strolling the boardwalk at Vaseux Lake to glimpse a golden eagle, there’s a trail to get you out of (and around) town.

Desert-like conditions mean Oliver is home to a variety of unique flora and fauna, and new trails to explore the area evolve every few years. Bring your bicycle – the International Hike and Bike Trail allows for two-wheeled adventures. Be sure to ride and hike with care, because the natural beauty includes prickly pear cactus – also known as ‘jumping cactus’. You might not want to find out why, so it’s best to stay on the trails.

Geocachers: you’re in luck. At present, we maintain 23 geocaches in the area, in some pretty unusual places. Don’t know what geocaching is? Think of it doing a scavenger hunt, but around the world. Our ‘travel bugs’ have gone more than 15,000kms – to Vancouver Island, Alberta, and Ontario. One bug is currently awaiting a flight to Hawaii. If you find a cache, be sure to log it.

Take a hike. You’ll be rewarded with some remarkable things: like 100-year-old antelope brush, the savoury aroma of wild grey sage, towering Ponderosa pines, highway-marked turtle crossings, and even a herd of California Bighorn Sheep. Just don’t try to follow the sheep; they have amazing balance, and are really agile.

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Oliver Parks and Recreation Society offers a broad spectrum of activities vital to the community's character, spirit and culture. Program Brochure's available on-line as well as the P&R Community Centre Office, and Oliver Visitor Centre.
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